Adventures of Your WILDEST Dreams

A lifetime of enjoying the God-breathed wonders of the Catskills is destined to be the best part of owning at Chapin. These thousands of forested acres blanketed by rippling lakes, rhythmic brooks and native wildlife such as white-tailed deer, beaver and nesting bald eagles are yours to explore any day, any season.

Into the Great Blue Yonder

With roughly 2,000 acres of freshwater lakes, the Chapin way of life presents myriad opportunities to immerse in the magic of water. Go stand-up paddle boarding. Ply the glassy waters on skis. Explore secret coves by canoe or kayak. Master the art of fly-fishing with an expert guide. Or go joy cruising in one of Chapin’s mahogany Chris-Crafts.

There’s No Playground Like Nature

A personal connection with our natural world is a Chapin promise. Discover what pure silence does for the soul. Look for white-tailed deer or nesting bald eagles. Take a wanderlust along the 10 miles of trails, and even the seven additional miles that wind through the “forever wild” conservation lands right next door. It’s all yours to enjoy any time of the year.

Enjoy an Experience Weekend

Chapin’s the place to unplug, slow down and re-connect with nature. To see for yourself (and enjoy unforgettable memories along the way), we’d like to invite you and your family to an Experience Weekend at Chapin, offered on select weekends throughout the year. To schedule yours or for more information, please call (866) 583-4900.