Soar into the

Since 2001, the Chapin Estate has held the wilds of nature within this beautiful swath of the Catskills.

The normal routine is not found here. A different way of life awaits, and it is anything you want it to be. Carve up a lake on water skis. Ride horses. Discover hidden waterfalls. Learn something profound from a chestnut tree. In your own private home within this beautiful swath of the Catskills, the wilds of nature are forever yours. It is only ninety minutes from midtown Manhattan. And yet, it is a world away.
Enjoy every shade of blue

Swim, paddle, ski, wakeboard, and fish to your heart’s content on 2,000 acres of freshwater lakes with over 35 miles of shoreline.

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Chapin home

There are many ways to realize the Catskills mountain home of your dreams at Chapin. Choose from one of our 5+ acre lots and let the Chapin Construction team bring your vision to life.

Catskills Cool

A road trip through New York’s Catskills shows that the once-sleepy area is giving the Hamptons a run for its money
With everything from new restaurants and distilleries to world-class resorts and a bustling arts and culture scene, the Catskills is becoming the new urban escape of choice.

Country Luxury Refined

Born from a New York City Icon
From the celebrated hotelier of The Chatwal New York comes its Catskills counterpart. Affording a luxurious town and country experience for an enviable few is The Chatwal Lodge. Coming soon.

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Within this decadent and simply unprecedented Catskills country retreat, the lap of luxury meets the lap of nature
Sant Singh Chatwal, Chairman, Dream Hotel Group