Q & A’s

Q. Are there size restrictions for the homes?
A. Yes. Our covenants and restrictions require a minimum of 1,500 square feet. If appropriate set backs are provided, you may build up to a maximum of 15,000 square feet. All sizes, setbacks, material restrictions and time lines are addressed by the building covenants and guidelines outlined in our Homeowners Documents that are made available prior to your making any commitment on a property. You have 72 hours to review the documents with legal counsel before we can accept an offer to purchase. An attached or detached guesthouse is also allowed.


Q. What are the restrictions on cutting trees on a property?
A. There is absolutely no clear cutting of any property. All trees and shrubs under 4″ in diameter may be cleared without restriction. We encourage the creation of view lines only. Mature trees may be removed but only when it is part of predetermined building plans (footprint of structures and amenities, septic system, landscape design, views, etc.).


Q. Can a pool be built on the purchased lot?
A. Yes. All personal amenities (pool, tennis court, tree house, boat dock, bulkhead, etc.) are allowed when an acceptable plan has been submitted and approved by an architectural review committee.


Q. Who maintains the roads?
A. Roads, shoulder areas, drainage, gatehouse, and the remote gates are maintained by The Chapin Estate Homeowners Association, Inc. Exact dues are determined by the Association and based upon projected expenses.